FRANCEMETAL, open to the world

Right from the start, FRANCEMETAL, metal fabrication company, has always offered its products and services on the global market.

Since their launch, our various product ranges have always been developed with a view towards export.

Our sales team, dedicated to the international market, regularly takes part in missions with CBSOA (Bordeaux-Africa Business Group).

We are also members of Vivapolis (Sustainable urban development).

Back by world-renowned expertise in bending and cutting metals, FRANCEMETAL is constantly striving for international development. For this reason we are inviting you to become an approved dealer in your country for one or all of our brands. If you would like more information about this proposal, please contact our Export Division.

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"Installation solutions for any location, in any climate".


Extreme climatic conditions, harsh terrain, dense forest, desert, military sites, conflict zones, we operate wherever you need us !


A dedicated process for buildings
The simplicity of installing GALCO buildings means we can use local content (or promote local employment) : Just 1 experienced team leader is required to manage an assembly team.

> Calibration of parts with a maximum weight for handling without machinery.


No welding = no need for an electricity supply.
Assembly with bolts using standard portable tools.
Quick and easy installation according to the directions provided = lower labour costs.

> As little masonry as possible to avoid complex logistics for concrete.


Stackable folded elements for transportation which is compact therefore economical and space-saving storage.


Extremely high-quality galvanised steel for improved, maintenance-free longevity, even in harsh environments.


maximum safety in all climatic conditions.


Attached with hinges on concrete pads for installation on any type of terrain.

Our Galcoprocess is guaranteed to be 100% cyclone and earthquake resistant.