Specialist in metal working

FRANCEMETAL is the European leader in processing metals (steel, aluminium, stainless steel fabrication, etc.).

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Our assets :

  • > 10 000 metric tons of metal processed per year
  • > 110 employees
  • > Technical office and design office: 16 people
  • > 21 sales representatives


A European dimension

Thanks to its reputation as a metalworking company, FRANCEMETAL is a leader in Europe with 3 operating sites:

  • > Labenne (40) 4000 m²
  • > Marboué (28) 4000 m²
  • > Tabùa (Portugal) 2000 m² of workshop space


An innovative corporate policy

At the initiative of the company's founder, Jacques Choquard, FRANCEMETAL has implemented a particularly innovative corporate policy with a profit-sharing plan based on the so-called "four-quarters" principle. One quarter of the profit is paid to the employees and one quarter to the shareholders, a third quarter is allocated to development and the final quarter is paid to the State. In addition, the introduction of a company savings plan has allowed employees to become shareholders.
Today, employees hold almost 30% of the company's capital.



International partners


A dynamic company

FRANCEMETAL invests annually in the development of its various sites :

  • > Research and development
  • > Implementation of quality procedures
  • > Investment in new tooling machines (lasers, press brakes))
  • > Extensions to the production sites
  • > Development of our communication tools